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I bet in a moment of honesty, if you asked my son what men he admires the most.  First on the list would probably be Tiger Woods.  Number 2?  This guy, Paul Ufema.  WHO?!  Paul Ufema.  I know, I had no idea who this North Carolina man was when I woke up this morning, but if you’re into building Lego sets, then Paul Ufema is a god.  The latest example of his prowess is that he recently set the Guinness World Record for assembly of the Lego Titanic Set (9,090 pieces) in just over 10 hours.

And this is not the first Lego record on Paul’s resume.  Nearly a year ago, the Salisbury resident set the record for assembly of the Lego Roman Colosseum (9,036 pieces/just under 14 hours), but it was later broken.

I’m not sure if Paul Ufema has been able to monetize his skills in any way, but if he has, I’m going to have a hard time convincing my son to stay in college. <g>