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Not long ago we posted a blog on the craziest festivals in North Carolina and elsewhere that you can enjoy in a given year in this country.  Having lived in Alabama for four years, I can’t believe we forgot to include the world renown “Interstate Mullet Toss” held annually on the shores of the “Floribama Line.”

I know, I tried to trick you.  You were hoping “mullet” had something to do with the 1980s hair craze that just won’t go away.  Me too.  However, what it is makes up for it.  Essentially, it’s one of the biggest beach parties on the Gulf Coast.  Those who participate pay $15 for the opportunity to throw a dead mullet (fish) over the state line of Florida and Alabama to see who flings farthest.  Oh, and that $15 also gets you a t-shirt.  Wouldn’t it be awesome tho if it also got a mandatory mullet cut from Great Clips?  The contest takes place this Friday-Sunday from 10am-4pm.