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With four daughters all under 7 years old, Thomas Rhett has to watch what he says. But what he says still makes it home to his wife Lauren after he is out and about with the girls.

Thomas said in a recent interview, “You know, if I get frustrated in traffic, they’ll get home and tell Lauren, they’ll just be like, ‘Yeah, daddy lost it in the car today.’ And I’ll be like, ‘No, I just was frustrated that we were stuck in traffic.’ But they relate it to something else.”

He added with a laugh, “They really are so funny, and they make me laugh so hard every day. The cutest kids in the world.”

Rhett even watches his girls jump into parenting mode now and then. He offered, “It’s amazing how sometimes they shift from kid to parent so fast. And now, all of them are obviously older than Lillie, and Lillie can’t do anything. And when she’s crying, Lennon, who can barely even talk, is like, ‘She’s probably hungry. She’s probably hungry.’ It’s just amazing how quickly your kids just pick up on what you do and what you say and how you act in certain situations.”

Thomas Rhett And Wife Lauren