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During a recent press junket for his Paramount Plus series 1883, Tim McGraw admitted that work was tough on the set filming the western drama with his wife Faith Hill, and maybe he wasn’t as clean as he usually would be.

Tim told Deadline, “There weren’t a lot of showers until I was forced every now and then. It was hard work.”

He added, “As a musician, you don’t see a lot of sunrises. I think I’ve seen a few sunrises for a while. When Faith and I sat down to sign the contracts, I said, ‘We are no longer the boss anymore. We are hired hands. We will never have a comfortable day.’ We were burning hot or freezing cold.”

McGraw’s wife Faith, who played his wife on the show, added, “We were so committed and believed in the story so much. It’s the truth. We wanted to do whatever it took to make it happen.”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill -‘1883’