Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

I cannot get enough of this cute little Charlotte lady that just reached the ripe sweet age of 112. Annie Wilson was born back in 1910 in Union County.   She has seen quite a bit in her life and she is still just as sharp as ever.

Does Annie do anything special to keep on keeping on.  Nope, she does not do yoga or dine daily on blueberries and tofu.  She says “I read a little” and sometime I like to go for a drive and see things around town.  Annie goes on to say “I had no idea I would live this long”.

The oldest person in the world lives in Japan and is  119 years old.  To learn more about Annie just go to the story and video from  Channel 9.

I was just talked to my friend Melanie Myers (from K 1047) yesterday and life and how long we would want to live.  Annie sets a great example of how you can still and love your life even well into your golden years.