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Luke Bryan says that he is a better farmer than his buddy Blake Shelton, who has been posting video after video of himself working his Oklahoma farm this spring.

According to People, Luke said of Shelton’s recent farming at his home in Oklahoma, “He’s pretend farming. I mean, he’s just putting out like wild grasses — stuff that literally will grow on Mars; I’m actually planting stuff that human beings can enjoy. I’m not feeding a bunch of rabbits and moles and stuff. Blake’s farming earthworms and stuff.”

Bryan also noted that in his early twenties, he spent long days working on his father’s peanut farm, “It was literally 15-hour days, breathing dust. It’s crazy because at the time, I mean, I’m 24, 25 years old, and I remember physically feeling like I had been in a gang fight and played a football game. That’s how hard we were working. It was 24/7 and just working constantly during peanut season.”

He added, “I was still gigging. I was still playing concerts Fridays and Saturday nights. I’d be in the damn peanut mill on a Thursday, and God, I’d have to go drive through the night and sing college shows with peanut dust all in my lungs. It was a wonder. I probably sounded pretty awful back then!”

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