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It’s not like baseball skirmishes are unheard of.  My whole life of watching the game, batters have “charged the mound” after feeling pitchers threw at their heads. And verbal skirmishes?  Forget it.  There’s more arguing at baseball games than at mask mandate school board meetings.  That being said, what happened at this college baseball game in Texas-literally made me gasp.

Weatherford College Pitcher Owen Woodward gave up a two-run home run to North Central Texas College’s Josh Phillips.  Apparently, Phillips began taunting Woodward as he circled the bases.  As Phillips rounded third base, all hell broke loose.  I’ve never seen a takedown in MMA that was that violent.  Woodward has since been kicked off the team and also given a four-game suspension from the North Texas Junior College Athletic Conference.  Phillips has been suspended for two games.  Just another ugly incident that has no place in sports.