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What Will You Buy?

Did you realize that the North Carolina Powerball ticket began in 1992? A whopping jackpot that now stands at $370 million. So what are the steps you should follow when winning this life-changing money? First off, North Carolina publishes the names of big winners and when they announce that news you should have already made plans NOT to go back to your home address. If you have won $600 or more you must visit their office. Tips are as follows.

When you realize you’ve won find the address of the North Carolina Lottery Office.

It’s VITAL to sign your name on the back of the lottery ticket. You can add names but make sure you’re not going to change your mind because they have to be present as well when claiming and showing ID.

This next step is tricky but necessary. Interview attorneys before sharing the lottery news with family and friends.

Search for a trusted Accountant/CPA. Interview them because you want someone well versed with large amounts of money.

Research new places to live far away from where you presently reside, even out of town.

Visit a few banks of your choice and interview them! Dress DOWN and VERY casual to see how they treat you. You know…..what I mean.

The next step is vital because you need to take your license or photo ID, social security card, and download this PDF and fill it out before heading to the North Carolina Lottery Office. 

Make a personal list of what you need to do before visiting the North Carolina Lottery Office¬†because we’ve heard stories about weird things happening when we tell too many people before headed to that friendly office. But many winners in North Carolina want to do good things like sharing the wealth with friends and family. Good luck!

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