Brittany Crossman/Getty Images

Asheville has a lot going for it. It’s home to the most breweries per capita. That’s also where you’ll find America’s largest mansion, Biltmore. And now Asheville can boast that it has one of the most law-abiding bears anywhere.

According to WSPA-TV, the Asheville Police Department responded to a call of a bear walking around downtown last Thursday (4/21). In a Facebook post, the police said “the black bear, wearing a Wildlife enforcement tracking collar, seemed to want a day in the park.” Or a snack from one of the aforementioned breweries.

In the video below, you can see the bear actually looking both ways before using a crosswalk. Safety first! The bear eventually made its way to Pritchard Park where it climbed a tree.

Asheville police have been on quite a few bear calls lately. The police department said this was their third one in the downtown area over the past three weeks. They eventually guided this bear to a wooded area where it was released on its own recognizance.