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For the first time in several weeks, the new “Flash” movie is getting something positive written about it in the press.  To catch you up, star Ezra Miller has proven to be a menace to society.

Anyway, back to the good news.  Now, we already know that the movie is one that involves “The Flash” traveling through time and partnering with both Ben Affleck’s “Batman,” and Michael Keaton’s “Batman” in different eras.  NOW comes rumor that there will be cameos from Christopher Reeve’s “Superman”…

And my all-time favorite, Adam West’s “Batman.”

Reportedly, their cameos will be featured during Barry Allen jumping from different superhero universes. There has been no official confirmation for these cameos, but the word is that the Flash will not communicate with the superheroes he sees while hopping around each universe.  Look, digital magic is real, but this would be quite a trick as both Reeve and West have been dead for some time.  Oh, and Lynda Carter (“Wonder Woman”) is also to be rumored to make a cameo in this new movie as well.

THIS cameo could be something of interest as Carter’s already made one at the end of “Wonder Woman 1984,” teasing involvement in future movies.  Look, I was already excited about “The Flash.”  Now, there are going to be cameos by my childhood heroes?!  The movie’s not out until the summer of 2023, but where can I buy my tickets now?!