Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Darby Doll Photography

This is my baby girl Emily.  Right now she is a hairstylist and she is a great one.  Bless her heart, as her Mom I should know just how much she has improved over the years.  It takes education/ training, years of experience and some natural talent to be a really good hairstylist.  When you have a good one, you definitely hang on to him or her.

The hours are long, they have to be in a positive mood and ready to talk every hour of their work day.  And they have to have thick skin.  They can create the most beautiful hair style or color and inevitably someone is going to hate it.  People are emboldened in their chairs, they don’t hold back.  Then they have to have the time and patience to correct if needed.

Burn out can be quick in this profession.  You are on your feet and creating every hour of every workday.  They don’t always feel appreciated.  Sometimes someone will bring my daughter a little gift or they will tip her if they are extraordinarily happy with her services.  Really all it takes to make her feel appreciated is a kind word, a smile and making that next appointment. So today is the day to be extra nice to your hairstylist and let them know how appreciated they really are.

Here is a look at my hair dos and don’ts over the years: