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When Thomas Rhett finished his latest album, Where We Started, he tried the new music out on his four young daughters and their friends to see what took and what did not.

Thomas tells us, “Kids attach to melody and beat so much more sometimes than they attach to lyric. And so, they really are such a good gauge. Like, we go downstairs in the basement and have dance parties weekly. And what they gravitate toward is always so fascinating to me.”

He continues, “Tempo 100%, and repetitive words or melodies. Like, they love ‘Sucker’ by the Jonas Brothers. And so, I started dissecting that song, and I was like, what is it about that? They love ‘You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful’ by One Direction. And so, a lot of the record, I am trying to make songs that they are going to wanna be like, ‘I love that song.'”

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