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Jared Padalecki spent 14 years with his fellow actor Jensen Ackles starring in the show, “Supernatural.”  Currently, Padalecki is the title character, “Walker” on that reboot of “Walker, Texas Ranger.”  However, today, Padalecki is lucky to be alive.  At a “Supernatural” convention over the weekend, Ackles apologized for his “brother” not being there and then shared that he’d been a passenger in a bad car accident.  Watch it below.  WOW!

According to Ackles, “He’s at home recovering, which — the fact that he’s not even in the hospital right now is, like, blowing my mind because I saw the car.”  Ya think?!  We’ve all seen the car…and the accident.  What a lucky man.  I hope he recovers quickly and that he and the driver take this opportunity to realize how dangerous their driving choices were here.

***** UPDATE *****

Never let it be said that I cannot be duped online too.  I didn’t pay careful enough attention to the video above when I posted it this morning.  Thanks to the FB member who DID!  Here is some of the ACTUAL footage of Padalecki’s accident.  While not nearly as disturbing as the first video, it still shows a couple of pretty mangled cars.