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Batter Hitting Softball

As the parent of a kid who participated in youth sports, and as one who participated himself, there is nothing that repulses me more than PARENTS who don’t know how to behave at these events.  No sport is immune (trust me, some of the things I saw at youth GOLF tournaments would make your head spin), but it seems to me that baseball (or related in this case, softball) has more of these incidents than any other.  Case in point, a recent 12-year-old girls’ softball game in Mississippi.  Umpire Kristi Moore ejected mom, Kiara Thomas from the game for constant cussing, and arguing calls from the stands.  Then, after the game, it got really ugly.

Thomas attacked Moore in the parking lot after the game (check out her shiner!) and was charged with simple assault according to the Laurel, Mississippi, police.  Additionally, Thomas has been banned from all rec league events and her daughter’s team was completely removed from the tournament they were competing in.  And now, for the punchline that writes itself:  Thomas was wearing a shirt that said, “Mother of the Year.”  You’re welcome.