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Growing up my father’s yard might as well have been one of Dante’s concentric circles of Hell.  It was HUGE and was thoroughly covered in thick, lush St. Augustine grass.  If you’ve never tried to cut St. Augustine grass, good.  If you have, you know why as an adult, even the thought of yardwork makes me break out in hives.  Dad’s grass was so thick, that you REALLY had to be careful where you were stepping if it had gotten long.  Texas is a land of dangerous critters on the ground.  Which leads me to Cary Elwes.  He’s probably best known as “Wesley” from “The Princess Bride,” but has had a huge acting career.  Well, Cary was making the mistake of doing his own yardwork as an adult.  You’d think he’d be safe living in Malibu, right?  Wrong.

What you see above is what can happen when human finger meets rattlesnake fangs.  Elwes was airlifted to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and the bite was so severe it required immediate attention.  Happy to say, Cary is expected to make a full recovery.  No word as to whether or not he will continue to do his own yardwork, or if he’s learned his lesson. <g>