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Jason Aldean wasn’t sure in 2018 when he was booking openers for his “High Noon Neon Tour” that Luke Combs was going to be a big superstar.

Jason told Billboard, “I remember trying to get Luke Combs for the third opening slot on tour, and Luke wanted the middle slot. I remember telling [Aldean’s manager] Clarence [Spalding], ‘He’s only got one hit.’ He said, ‘Well, they think he’s gonna have more,’ and I said, ‘Well, everybody thinks they’re gonna have more.’ So I kinda fought him a little bit but eventually gave in.”

Aldean adds, “That was one of the times I wasn’t sure, but then when he was on the road with us, you could see things just started to blow up for him.”

Jason is already looking for future superstars for his next tour. He offered, “Parker McCollum’s the guy that I like right now. He’s amazing and one that I’ve kind of got my eye on.'”

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