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Sure we have a lot of snakes in the Carolinas. But there are two snakes wildlife diversity biologists at N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission wants you to report if you see them. According to Fox46, if you see a rattlesnake or the threatened pine snake, the commission is asking you to report it.

Biologists want to know more about where northern pine snakes are calling home. According to the commission pine snakes are:

  • Non-venomous
  • Range between four and five feet long, but can get as large as 7 ½ feet
  • Have a white or tan background color with dark brown or black markings
  • Markings begin as solid coloring or messy blotches near the head before becoming distinct saddle-like blotches toward the tail.
  • If you spot a pine snake, send an email to pinesnake@ncwildlife.org. In your email include the following:Of the state’s six venomous snake species, three are rattlesnakes- the timber, the pigmy and the Eastern diamondback. They are protected by the North Carolina Endangered Species Act because of their declining numbers. NCWRC said their persecution by humans and habitat destruction are the main culprits. A photo date and time, location (GPS coordinates preferred) If you see a rattlesnake, send an email to rattlesnake@ncwildlife.org. In your email include the same as above.