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OMG!  How many times are we going to have to see video like this?  How many times are people going to have to be warned?  Eventually, one of these creatures is gonna follow thru with their warning(s) and then there’s going to be a lot of finger-pointing at a lot of dumb people.  Yellowstone National Park is a beautiful place.  One of the best for observing nature in this country.  That being said, let’s use this definition of observe:  watching from afar, at a safe distance.

Once again, some idiot almost gets stampeded for going where he shouldn’t (for the record there are signs EVERYWHERE about doing things like this).  So, for the upteenth time:  life is not a Disney movie.  These buffalo are not animated.  These buffalo do not speak perfect English with a British accent.  And these buffalo don’t want you messing with them or posing with you for a selfie.  Unless you are Kevin Costner himself (AKA “Dances With Wolves”) you have no business going anywhere near the “tatanka!” 😉