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Rock paper scissors concept game

I’m going to start by saying this happened on TikTok, so you can take it with a grain of salt if you wish.  Ok, so here goes.  TikTok user @thickbwoy SAYS he and his crew got out of a felony charge by beating harbor patrol in a game of Rock, Scissors, Paper.  What we know for sure is on the video there are two boats:  one with male police officers (from Miami) and one with peeps in bathing suits.  When the man wearing a “sheriff” vest loses to a girl, the crowd goes wild.

For the record, Miami PD says the video was NOT in their jurisdiction, but perhaps Miami-Dade PD’s which operates in a specific county in the city.  However, Miami-Dade responded with, “The persons on this video are not from the Miami-Dade Police Department. I cannot determine which agency they belong to.”  How about if I suggest this whole “Rock, Scissors, Paper” thing was staged with dudes in costumes on TikTok.  Anyone want to buy that explanation? <g>