Have you done your Mother’s Day shopping yet? Personally, I’ve purchased one thing but have some more items to check off the list. But before you get too lost in the mall you might want to know that no matter what you buy, chances are you aren’t giving your mom what she really wants for Mother’s Day. I know, I know. But if it’s not flowers, chocolates, jewelry, or a handmade card what does she want? Lending Tree just released the results of their Mother’s Day survey and the results might surprise you. What Mom actually wants for Mother’s Day is simply a card and quality time.

Yes, quality time might be the best Mother’s Day gift. And after cards, it’s the top item that moms want this year, at 32%. The best part is that it’s the simplest to give as well. It doesn’t have to cost anything either. However, just 21% of consumers giving a Mother’s Day gift this year will do this. So before you drop hundreds at the mall or on Amazon clear your schedule for some one-on-one time. Or if you still want to give her a gift, maybe go shopping with her. Then she gets the quality time and the gift (that’s pre-approved by her!). Another interesting finding was that 20% of moms have admitted to being disappointed in a Mother’s Day gift.

Most moms say they don’t expect their children to spend more than $50 on them but Americans are planning to spend significantly more. Americans will spend an average of $225 on Mother’s Day gifts this year compared to $219 last year. Unsurprisingly, Dads will spend the most, at $361. This is likely because they’re buying gifts for their spouses and mothers. Dads also admitted to feeling pressured to get the perfect gift. 29% of men with children say they feel pressured to overspend for Mother’s Day.

Read the full study Lending Tree Survey “Moms Want Quality Time for Mother’s Day, But That’s Not What Americans Are Planning to Give Them” here!


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