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Seven-time Oscar-winner Jane Fonda wants to work with Blake Shelton, and when telling that very thing to Kelly Clarkson on her show, she got a bit jealous when her friend and co-star Lily Tomlin said she worked with him.

Jane told Kelly, “I would like to do a show with Blake Shelton.” Clarkson replied, “You would love him, and it would be very funny. He’s very fun to work with.” Kelly added, “It’s very fun to work with people that can put their ego aside and just have a good time.”

Fonda responded, “That’s good to hear.”

Lily Tomlin then piped in, “He was on ‘Reba’ when I did her show, and he was really adorable.” Jane then said, “You worked with him. You never told me that.” Lily replied to the audience’s roar, “Well, I don’t tell you everything.” Fonda then says, “Wait a damn minute. I am really disappointed. I have not worn heels for two years,” adding that she had to hold on to Lily when she came on and that she tells her everything. Kelly then says, looking at Lily, “And you leave out run-ins with Blake Shelton.”

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