Catherine Lane

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Mom loved the beach

This is my sweet little Mom, Lorene Hamrick.  Bless her heart, she had me when she was in her forties.  I was the youngest of three daughters and clearly the favorite;)

Here we are celebrating another mother’s day without her.  That is the problem when you have older parents, of course you lose them earlier in your own life than you would like.  There is no “good” time to lose your mom though, no matter how old you are.

Was my mother perfect?  No she wasn’t.  But she was close.  I know she tried her best and I know without a doubt that she loved me and she was proud of me.  I try and remember she was a human being with problems of her own and there is no manual for parenting.  She worked hard.  I can never remember waking up when she wasn’t already working either in or out of the home and I can never remember going to bed and her not still up and working.  She loved to work.  She loved to quilt and she loved her family. She really loved the beach, she could sit under that umbrella all day with a quilt or her word puzzles in her lap.  My mom was not really a cuddle bug and I SO am.  My dad was the one that was affectionate. My mom got things done , I could tell her all my secrets and she was always there to help with anything.  One time at the end of my senior year in college, I got bogged down writing and typing papers.  Mom came up to Western and helped me work around the clock to get those papers typed.  My room mate was amazed.

Cody Johnson has a song out called “Till You Can’t” and it makes me long for more time, more talks, more mother daughter vacations, more everything.


Here are a few pics of our mothers and a very happy mother’s day to you!