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Russell Dickerson and Brandon Davis HAVE to be hating life just a little bit.  They are the opening acts on Tim McGraw’s current tour (hitting PNC on Thursday).  That’s a good thing.  They and their music are being exposed to huge audiences every night.  The bad thing?  I would imagine having to try to keep up with Tim McGraw during his daily workout.  According to Tim, “We do a big CrossFit training session in the afternoon that usually goes from an hour to an hour and a half. It depends on how everybody holds up. It starts with 10 or 15 people; it ends with four or five sometimes. Then we go get showered up and have dinner, and get ready to do a show.”


Working out is a big part of my routine on tour…. @russelldickersonofficial @brandondavis_music you boys held your own this weekend!! #workout #butcherbox

♬ original sound - Tim McGraw

You KNOW they must feel shamed into this every day.  I mean, Tim’s 20 years older than Russell and 27 years older than Brandon, and he’s obviously delivering a savage beating to these guys-daily.  Whatever happened to the guys who partied every night backstage?  I mean, just the other day I saw this from Jake Owen-who is apparently getting up in the middle of the night to torture himself and those around him.

And now, THIS?!  Good Lord, I think I’ll pay for a delivery of Insomnia Cookies and Krispy Kreme donuts backstage Thursday night just to see what will happen.  It HAS to resemble putting a cross in front of Dracula, right? <g>