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During the “Attitude Era” of WWE, “Sunny” was someone you couldn’t take your eyes off of.  And her exploits in and around the ring earned her a place in the WWE Hall Of Fame.

We’re going to show you some video here in a second that you can’t take your eyes off of either, but for entirely different and worse reasons.  “Sunny’s” real name is Tamara Sytch.  On March 25, she made the decision to get behind the wheel with a blood alcohol content of 2.80.  That is more than three times the legal limit in the state of Florida.  That night Tamara Sytch was involved in an automobile accident that claimed the life of Julian Lasseter.  Now for that other video I mentioned.  This is from the police body cam on the scene.

The 49-year-old Sytch is charged with multiple counts of causing injury in a DUI crash and driving with a suspended license.  She is free on a $227,500 bond.