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Not to go off on too big a rant here, but I bet if I surveyed 100 of you, between 70-80% would say that you really don’t give a rat’s a** what a celebrity has to say about any political or social issue.  Want proof?  Look at the ratings for award shows.  Ever since celebs started using their award-winning moment as a bully-pulpit to preach their beliefs as shame speech on others, those ratings have gone down faster than the Titanic.  Beyond lecturing me-period-it also amuses me sometimes with the cause that some celebs choose to plant their flag in the ground.  Which leads me to “Babe” and “Succession” actor James Cromwell.

Are you kidding me with this?  With the nation’s inflation raging out of control…with the cost of gas raging out of control…with the cost of food raging out of control…with people struggling find ways to care for their families raging out of control…THIS is what Cromwell is unhinged about?  Some Starbuck’s issue with plant-based milk?!  You’ve GOT to be kidding me?  Anyone have some REAL problems you’d like to share with ol Jimmy here?  He appears to have time on his hands-er, hand. 😉