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I got up this morning, dragged myself to the gym, put in my headphones, and battled the elliptical machine for a 45-minute workout.  I was sweating like I was a waterfall, and it dang near killed me.  I’m 52-years-old.  Mildred Wilson of Missouri is 83.  She just completed her THIRD “Tough Mudder.”  This is a torture chamber of a 5K where you have to deal with obstacles like a giant ice bath, 60-foot watery trench under a steel fence, a dash through 10k volts of electricity, and a 12-foot wooden ladder with giant rungs.  Its nickname is “The Ladder From Hell.”

Just in case you missed it the first time, MILDRED WILSON IS EIGHTY FREAKING THREE!  Now, to try to make myself feel less emasculated, she does run the course alongside her 48-year-old son (for safety purposes).  Her training regimen?  Mildred walks 2 miles most days and plays pickleball three to four times a week