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For Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres” tour the band hopes fans will help them power the show by pedaling on a bike. Yep, I thought this was a joke. But it is not.

According to bicycling.com, the idea is to have around 15 Linus stationary bikes and a kinetic floor to help power the show and cut the CO2 emissions.  Each bike can produce 200 watts of electricity, which is stored in used electric car batteries.

The band says the use of bikes is less about the watts produced by about the awareness of sustainability.  Coldplay uses biodegradable confetti, compostable wristbands, sustainably-sourced goods, solar panels, and a vegetable oil generator, according to AP News. The band is being accused of “greenwashing,” claiming that their efforts are more environmentally beneficial than they really are. Would you pedal a bicycle while watching a live concert?