Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

I have loved learning more and more about how sweet Luke Combs is going to be as a Father.  It seems like everyday something new is revealed.

Earlier this week he says he cried like a baby when he found out his wife Nicole, was pregnant.  Music Mayhem magazine quotes him as saying, I don’t think I have told anybody about how she told me.  I cried…I cried a lot.  Yeah, I was very excited.  We were both on the bus at the time.

This is the most recent revelation.  Luke says he is concerned about the pressure his son may feel being the child of a famous person.  He says that is not something he had to deal with growing up in North Carolina.  His parents of course were in “non celebrity” fields.  He hopes being the son of a famous country singer won’t put too much childhood pressure on his boy.  Oh Luke, we are sure he will do just fine.  To learn more about the story check it out right here in Taste of Country

Here is Luke’s Brand new Number one song; Doing This