Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

You know that girl or guy you dated in your mid twenties, maybe you even married them.  Then maybe you meet up with them later in life and think, “wow, maybe they aren’t as crazy now”.  You would be wrong about that.

New research shows evidence that people with psychopathic  tendencies become more manipulative and abusive after age 50 causing those around them to suffer. The study was published in the International Journal of Offender Therapy casts doubt on claims that antisocial behavior among people gets better as they get older.

According to the Hookup, “I married a man who turned out to be a conman and was later diagnosed as a narcissist.  Because of my experience I founded to warn others that people like this live among us.

The reason why this study caught my eye today is because of an experience a friend of mine had over the weekend.  She attended a funeral where she saw her ex.  Initially he hugged her and she thought maybe he had changed and wanted to be nice.  He then leaned in and whispered something unkind in her ear.  By appearances it looked like he had changed when in reality his behavior was worse.  Much worse.