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American ingenuity is something that never ceases to amaze.  The beginning of this story is bizarre enough.  “An Alabama couple came across the main body of a helicopter on Facebook Marketplace.”  Just read that again.  I’d like to find out:  a.  who just happens to have the fuselage of a helicopter laying around -and- b.  who says, “You know, I bet Facebook Marketplace is a good place to unload it.  Anyway, back to that American ingenuity-more specifically-Alabama ingenuity.  Blake Morris and Maggie Morton, both U.S. Coast Guard helicopter pilots stationed in Mobile, saw the item for sale and thought, “Gee, I bet this would make an awesome camper.”

If you want to see more of “The Helicamper” check out its Instagram account.  This product of brilliant creativity featuresL  outdoor speakers, outdoor TV hook up, cable hook up, and more.  IKR?  Crazy cool.