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Macallan Whisky is some of the finest Scotch Whisky in the world (or so I’m told by Scotch guys).  Being a Kentucky Bourbon dude myself, I’m not really qualified to opine.  That being said, this looks to be potentially the greatest conversation starter you could put in your house if:  a.  you could afford it -and- b.  you have the room.  A 32-year-old, 311-liter bottle of Macallan single malt was bought at an auction Wednesday for more than $1 million.

The bottle, called The Intrepid,  stands at an impressive 5 feet, 11 inches tall and holds enough liquid to fill 444 standard bottles.  The whisky within was matured in two casks from 32 years and was bottled in 2021.  The anonymous buyer spent $1.3 million and I can’t wait to see how/who loads this in the car for him. <g>