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Dolly Parton is an inspiration to many of today’s country superstars, and recently they have said some pretty amazing things about the country icon. We countdown the Top 5 quotes country stars said about Dolly Parton.

5 – Keith Urban 2022 – “The first time I met her it was surreal, because, I mean, I grew up singing her songs.”

4 – Luke Bryan 2020 – “I remember moving to town as a songwriter, and somebody had quoted Dolly Parton: that she woke up and wrote a song every day. And I wrote a song every day.”

3 – Carrie Underwood 2020 – “I think her true legacy is how she has made the world better. She cares about people. That’s her legacy.”

2 – Maren Morris 2022 – “There are many women that have shaped me, not just as an artist or writer, but as a woman. Dolly Parton is a huge one for me, in all the ways.”

1 – Miranda Lambert 2022 – “She’s something we should all strive for, to take our brand and touch people’s lives in all kinds of ways.”

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