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Carrie Underwood explained to Entertainment Tonight her young sons dancing “breakdance” style behind her backstage at the Grand Ole Opry while singing a slow song last week.

Carrie said she did see the coverage and the story the media picked up on after a fan spotted her sons, Isiah and Jacob, dancing as she sang the Randy Travis classic “I Told You So.” Underwood said, “That was called ‘it’s way past their bedtime,’ and the little one, Jake, he was just trying to not stop moving because if he did, he was going to fall asleep.”

She laughed, “I’m singing a ballad up there, and you also have this, like, false sense of security at the Opry when you’re back there. You’re back there in the dark, and you feel like nobody can see you. So, I feel like nobody really thought twice about them being there and acting crazy. And then I saw video, and I’m like, ‘Oh.’ Melissa (her friend) took video because I asked her to take video of backstage, and she took video of them, and Isiah is looking back, and Mike’s (her husband) like, ‘Get over here’ and Isiah’s like ‘Why?'”

Carrie then admitted that her boys might be future entertainers, saying when asked, “I think so. They’re not shy, that’s for sure.”

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