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Grab your forks, this is going to be a good one! North Carolina is famous for some of the best-tasting foods along the coast. From seafood to barbecue, to sweet potato pie, you will not miss out on some good eating here. Ever wondered what food is the best and most known in North Carolina? From shrimp and grits, which we enjoy every week to tasty desserts, there is only one meal that can stand out for the state as a whole.

Charlotte Restaurant Week reports that Mashed did a report on dishes for each state and you may have guessed which dish ranked as the top for North Carolina. You got that right, pulled pork! Many different states have their own version of pulled pork and North Carolina is no different. North Carolina barbecue is in a category all on its own and never disappoints the taste buds. North Carolina’s pulled pork mixes some of the best seasonings and is served with a tasty side of southern coleslaw. Can you think of your favorite places to get some pulled pork in North Carolina?

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