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Carrie Underwood was gearing up for her CMA Fest 2022 activities last week… and was so busy that she mistakenly. thought Sunday (6/12) was Father’s Day. She told E! that she “freaked out,” saying she didn’t have “squat” for her husband. Then she realized Father’s Day was the following Sunday (6/19), and now she will be a bit more prepared for the big day.

Underwood told E! that her oldest son Isiah has the dough to buy his dad a gift himself. She offered, “My son’s been doing chores around our farm trying to earn money. So we will pay him, he’ll go pull weeds in my garden and stuff like that, and he has quite the hefty savings. He donates some.”

She adds, “I’m gonna be like, ‘You’re gonna buy your daddy a gift; he ain’t my daddy. You earned that money, guess what?'”

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