Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

I love these stories and they happen more often than not.  Someone goes to a convenience store they don’t normally go in and buy a lottery ticket they don’t normally buy and then bam. Hit it big.

That is exactly what happened to a 72 year old Polkton woman. Polly Burns bought the ten dollar scratch off ticket at the B@D Mart in Midland.  When she brought the ticket home and scratched it off she couldn’t believe her eyes.  She asked her sister to double check.

Indeed she did win a million dollars and after all the taxes taken out she walked out of the lottery office with a check for $426,063.  She says she plans to pay off her mortgage and share some with her family. To learn more about Polly’s good luck just check out all the details from Channel 9 right here.