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According to AOL.com, former NASCAR Cup Series driver Clint Bowyer was involved in a deadly vehicular crash with a pedestrian. It happened while exiting a Missouri highway.

Clint was driving and allegedly struck a woman walking on the ramp while near the Lake of the Ozarks She is identified as Mary Jane Simmons.  Police said Bowyer was not under the influence at the time of the crash and was the individual who called 911. Police believe Simmons may have been under the influence of a controlled substance.

Kansas City Fox 4 reported this:

The crash report states once Bowyer realized the crash occurred, he immediately hit his brakes. He called 911 and helped point first responders to the female victim who was pronounced dead at the scene. The woman has been identified as Mary Jane Simmons, of Camdenton, Missouri.

Bowyer’s vehicle was reported to have sustained heavy front driver side damage and major damage to the windshield directly in front of the driver seat.

The crash report states Bowyer showed zero signs of impairment and provided a roadside sample of .000 blood alcohol content.

Clint Bowyer Racing released the following statement.

“Anyone that knows me, knows that family is everything to me. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of Ms. Simmons. This is a very difficult time for my family and I, please respect our privacy as we move forward.”