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No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, there’s no debating that President Joe Biden, by his own hand or not, can’t seem to catch a break.  I mean, he promised to get rid of Covid-19, how’d that work out?  Then there’s RAGING inflation, RAGING gas prices, and now another looming recession-ALL on his watch.  I mean, almost nothing this guy has done in his first two years in office has gone well.  Then, this weekend, he was at his Delaware home, on a bike ride with his wife (and the Secret Service-of course), when he took a tumble from a complete stop.

Again, it would be one thing if you crashed while riding the bike, that happens.  However, to bite the dust while at a complete stop?  This is NOT a good look.  ESPECIALLY when the group of people you fall in front of are assembled members of the press corps.    It was never a question of IF anyone captured this on video, but rather who’s video you would like to use!  You want to inspire confidence as the leader of the free world from people who think you need help you’re not asking for?  I would suggest finding a way to not need training wheels on a kids’ vehicle.