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I’ve always been fascinated by Debbie’s taste in entertainment.  The things I think she’d be the least interested in are often just the opposite.  For example, who knew she’d be such a true crime nut, but our DVR is chock-full “Dateline,” “Snapped,” etc.  And my surprise is not limited to TV, oh no, one of Deb’s fave movies stars…wait for it…Clint Eastwood.

What?  Did you think she was into “Dirty Harry?”  Not quite.  Sticking with her true crime obsession, “Escape From Alcatraz” has always been a flick that anytime it’s on, and we come across it, it must be watched.  In 1962, three inmates at America’s most notorious prison managed to escape.  But did they survive?  That’s always been the question.  What’s interesting is that you’d think after 60 years, authorities would just “take the L” and move on, right?  Wrong.  Yesterday, they released age-progressed photos of the three escapees.

Chances are, these inmates either drowned or were shark food in their escape.  Chances are even better that IF they did survive their escape attempt, they did not survive Father Time as they would all be in their 90s at this point.  Which leads to this:  what exactly is the plan IF THEY DID CATCH THESE GUYS?  Take away nap time?