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Last summer, I felt like the country was slowly but surely, “coming back.”  The Covid-19 vaccines had been out since that spring and by July 4th, everyone that was going to get the jab, had gotten it.  And I don’t know, you just got the vibe that everyone was tired of being cooped-up and was ready to come out and play.  That feeling was 100% realized when we headed down for our annual Myrtle Beach, Independence Day getaway with our closest friends.  I was reminded of this post by a friend of mine the other day and with our next Myrtle Beach adventure less than a week away, I thought it would be fun to look back, the the July 4th, when we all “came back!”


We have lived within a short drive of Myrtle Beach for the last two-and-a-half decades, yet it wasn’t until the last 8 that we ever spent any significant time there. Our best friends purchased a condo at that time and we’ve spent countless times making memories with our families in “The Dirty Myrtle” ever since.

We’ll come down at any time of year, but July 4th week is written in ink on the calendar. And we are so glad.  Nothing and nowhere screams American Independence like this place. After last year’s somewhat subdued version of July 4th celebrating, I knew yesterday was going to be a doozie…and it did not disappoint.

I am the son of a commercial photographer. He loved working in black and white. To me, a color picture is just that.  A black and white photo is a snapshot in time.  The gallery below represents yesterday’s (July 4, 2021) snapshot in time.  It is, to me, America.  And it is my love letter to my family’s July 4th “home away from home,” Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.