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We initially had this story on our “Other News…” segment of the show a week ago.  That being said, when you read, “Owner chased crocodile away with a frying pan,” it in NO WAY conveys just how awesome a moment this really was.  Let’s start by pointing out the obvious here, Australians are just tougher people than we are.  I mean if you were isolated from the rest of the world on an island (albeit a GIANT island) that was inhabited by some of the deadliest creatures on the planet and patrolled by “Jaws” on the perimeter, you’d be tough too. 😉  Which leads to this dude-completely unfazed by the giant croc who has decided to get to close to his tourist lodge.

OMG!  How completely bada** is THIS guy?  Totally nonchalant, he just saunters down the stairs with a frying pan, walks towards the croc (who quickly goes to attack mode), and just wallops the crap out of its snout!  This is a man who is not to be trifled with over anything…EVER!