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For the record, like Eric Church, we think “dogs are better than cats.”  No offense to the feline lovers of the world, it’s just hard for me to embrace something that I (Charlie) and our son have been deathly allergic to our entire lives.  NOW, one thing that Debbie and I do argue about is the following, “Can there be an ugly dog.”  I, of course, say, “Absolutely!”  Debbie falls into the camp of even the uglier dogs are cute in their ugliness.  I know, I don’t get it either.  For my argument, I give you, “Mr. Happy Face.”  He’s the Chihuahua mix that on Friday night was named “The World’s Ugliest Dog.”

Now, here is something that Debbie and I are 100% in agreement about.  THERE IS NEVER A REASON TO ABUSE A DOG (or any pet for that matter).  Mr. Happy Face’s owner, Jeneda Benally adopted him from a shelter who rescued him from a situation where he lived in abusive and neglectful conditions with a hoarder.  Currently, MHF is dealing with a lot of the trials and tribulations of being a 17-year-old dog.  He has tumors, neurological and incontinence problems and has difficulty walking or even standing upright.  So, it’s great to hear that he’s not lacking in the love department.  In case you were wondering what Mr. Happy Face won for his mug, he and Benally won $1500 and the trip to the Today Show featured above.