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Truly, there is nothing-no food, especially-that is more synonymous with The Fourth of July than the hot dog.  There are many different ways to prepare them, but on our nation’s birthday, the dog has to be grilled, right?  Of course.  That being said, I would have NEVER thought of this.  And I mean “spiral cutting” the hot dog before it hits the grill is a next level move.

How perfect is this for getting all your fave condiments saturated in the hot dog?  IKR?!  In case the video went by too fast for you, here’s the order of operations:  1.  Stick a skewer down the center of the dog.  2.  Get your knife at an angle and just spiral cut it from one end to the other.  3.  Pul the skewer out (careful not to rip the hot dog apart.  4.  Lay it on the grill and do your thing!  Can’t wait to do this on Monday!