POING, GERMANY - APRIL 27: Brown bear cubs play with their mother, Mia, at a wildlife park on April 27, 2007, in Poing, Germany. There is a discussion in Bavaria over reintroducing bears into the wild since roaming brown bear "Bruno" was shot last summer in the Bavarian Alps. Brown bears were originally domestic in Germany, but the species was eradicated about 170 years ago. Brown bear Mia in the Poing wildlife Park is from Swedish origin, her three cubs Molly, Mette and Maja were born December 28, 2006.

A bear cub in Connecticut had to be rescued after it got its head stuck in a plastic jug. The incident happened after a mother bear got into a garbage can and one of her cubs stuck its head in the jug. Officials had to wait for the cub to come down from a tree and were able to tranquilize it and remove the container. The cub was uninjured and quickly found his family nearby. 

“Given the warm weather and tight fit of the container, it was important to try and free the cub quickly,” the Connecticut Fish and Wildlife Division posted on Facebook. Make sure to conceal and secure any trash you have especially when wildlife is present.

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