Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

I see a lot of stories during the course of the morning when I am getting ready for work but this one sure caught my attention.  I have worn glasses since I was two years old my Mom says.  I have had glasses, all kinds of contacts, I have even had laser surgery TWICE but here I am wearing glasses regularly again. Now there are new eye drops coming that promise to help us  see better.

The eye drops are called Vuity according to Channel 9 and this is getting a lot of people excited.  I don’t know if they would help people like me but they may help you if your eyes are aging and you are turning to readers to help you see better.

The eye drops hit the market a few months ago and initially just to help people with glaucoma. Formerly marketed as Pilocorpine, the drops reportedly treat pressure inside the eye.  It could help people who are ages 40-55.