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The gang back in the day

A fisherman in Texas reeled in a massive alligator snapping turtle while he was celebrating Father’s Day. According to Fox, Justin Broomhall went fishing for catfish with his Father and landed the monster turtle

He said it looked like a good day for catfish then, “All of a sudden, they just vanished.” Then he noticed a trail of bubbles moving across the water. He assumed it was a large catfish, so he threw his fishing line into the water. Not a catfish!

After fighting the beast for a while, he and his father landed the turtle. And it was massive! Broomhall estimates the alligator snapping turtle weighed between 150 and 160 pounds and could have been over 100 years old. They returned the protected species to the lake, but what a catch!

On lake Cherokee at my house my daughters Mya Kurek boyfriend Justin Broomhall caught a Alligator snapping turtle and made it on the news. What a amazing father's day with his dad and his son.

Posted by Michelle Elliott on Tuesday, June 21, 2022