Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

So I took a poll of everyone here on the Tanner In the Morning Show and the consensus is that every single one of us has skinny dipped at one time in our lives.  I’m not sure they wanted me to share that but there it is:)  Does anything feel better than wearing your birthday suit and taking a little dive in a body of water.  It has it’s time and place.  Don’t forget though, it is illegal to strip it down in public.  So you might want to keep it to the backyard pool if you have one and of course with no little ones in sight.

Saturday is International Skinny Dip Day!  Most people keep it a secret.  Skinny dipping is something most people do not admit to. According to Glamour magazine only 56 percent of adults actually admit to going a la natural. Skinny dippers are usually between the ages of 18 and 48 and men are actually more prone to take it all off and get in the water than women are.

So where is there to skinny dip safely around here?  I would not want to recommend an outdoor public place as again, it is illegal to be naked in public.  I did a little research though and found a place right here in North Carolina called “Skinny Dip Falls”; and it is not too far from here!

To find out more about Skinny Dip Falls in Canton, North Carolina get details here.

We will not judge you!

Of course the most famous skinny dipping scene in a movie did not go too well.