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Now and then, we hear something that sticks with us for a while, and that happened to Garth Brooks just this week.

On his weekly Studio G, Garth told fans, “I heard a cool saying this morning. ‘Every decision you make – every decision you make – either gets you closer to…or further from…your goal.’ That’s been sticking in my head all day.”

Brooks noted that the saying may have registered strongly with him because it can be readily applied to everyday life. He offered, “Let’s start working on gettin’ our future back. Let’s do it arm-in-arm, walkin’ together.”

He added, “Love one another. That’s your simple experiment for this week.”

This week, Garth will play to more than 80 thousand people in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s the first of the last four cities on his Stadium Tour before it heads to Ireland for a fall finale.

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