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This past weekend, I wrapped up our vacation by playing in a golf tournament on Kiawah Island near Charleston.  This was not my first trip to Kiawah, but I think I enjoyed this one the most.  I took the time to really look around and appreciate the raw beauty of resort’s famed “Ocean Course” on Sunday.  Did I play well?  Yes and no (started great, finished lousy).  As a golfer, what you hate most in life is wind.  You can’t control it; you can only hope to guess correctly as to what it will do with your golf ball.  The first half of the round, my guesswork was spot on.  The last half, I felt like I was in Dante’s concentric circles of Hell. <g>  That being said, nothing that could happen on the course could diminish the beauty of the property.  I don’t know when I’ll make it back down there, but it won’t be too long in the distant future for sure.