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Luke Combs is currently home with his wife, Nicole, and the couple’s baby boy, Tex Lawrence, enjoying parent time since the baby was born on June 19th. 

Before he took the dad break, Luke talked to us about why he named his brand-new album, Growin’ Up. He said, “I think calling this out and Growin’ Up is, you know, you still want to have, your fans that are college kids and you still want to be a college kid. But also, you got to realize that you have fans that were college kids, you know, seven years ago that are now probably about the same age as myself, maybe a little older, maybe a little younger.”

He added, “But we’re all kind of hitting this transitional period in our lives at the same time. And so, I want to be able to reach those people that I was planning to when I started, but also reach the people that have been here with me since day one. So, I think this home theater does its best to try and do that. But you guys will have to listen and let me know what you think for yourself.”

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